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We didn't think it was possible to ever top a shark dressing like a shark and riding around on a Roomba, especially not once this costumed feline was joined by a baby also dressed like a shark.

But, then again, we never thought we'd see a Shih Tzu named Munchkin dressed like a bear and walking on a treadmill.

That's exactly what is featured in the following footage, however, causing us to wonder if we've come across a new contender for Cutest Animal Video of All-Time.

You tell us...

There are still other options, of course, such as this girl pushing her Bulldog in a swing.

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Last night, a grand jury in Ferguson, MO decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in connection with the shooting of Michael Brown.

While most celebrity responses to the grand jury's decision consisted of outraged tweets and pleas for peace, at least one A-list recording artist took to the streets to join the citizens of Ferguson in protest:

Rapper Macklemore attempted to blend in with the crowd while participating in a peaceful demonstration, but he was quickly spotted by a TMZ cameraman.

Asked why he'd decided to join the protesters, Macklemore responded, "It's not about me; it's about Michael Brown."

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He may be best known these days for partying, sending bodyguards after photographers and leading on Selena Gomez, but Justin Bieber has been very good at something else over the past year as well:

Making gobs of money.

Forbes has released its rundown of the highest-paid celebrities under 30 years of age, based on their earnings from June of 2013 through June of 2014.

And Bieber tops the list with a cool $80 million garnered via touring and releasing new music, while One Direction isn’t far behind and Taylor Swift sits in third place.

Only one actress is included among the Top 9 (can you guess who it is?), unless you count Miley Cyrus as an actress still.

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Embatted reality star Porsha Williams is laughing atCynthia Bailey's burn from Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or so she claims.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you saw Cynthia light up her fellow cast member for allegedly sleeping with an “old married man.”

To hear Porsha's camp tell it, she's making like Taylor Swift and shaking it off.

When Porsha accused Bailey of ‘flip-flopping” with regard to last season's infamous reunion fight with Kenya Moore and whose side she was on, Bailey was pissed.

“Word on the street is you’re flip-flopping with some old married man for cars and bags!” Cynthia said, hitting Kordell Stewart's ex with a serious low blow.

Or so it might have appeared. Williams just rolled her eyes at this if anything.

“She’s definitely not furious, more like amused at this point,” the friend says.

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The relationship between Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger may be the most unexpected love connection of the year, but believe it or not, these two are actually making it work.

Witnesses at Miley's 22nd birthday party last week say Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were inseparable all night long. We've even heard rumors that Miley and Patrick are "falling in love" already.

  • Miley Without a Bra
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger Image

However, initial reports claimed that Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver, was "horrified" by his relationship with Miley and was doing everything in her power to put a stop to it.

Now, the former First Lady of California has apparently done a complete 180 and welcomed Miley into the family.

So what changed? Well, according to insiders, Patrick was able to open his mother's eyes to the reasons he fell for Miley - she's funny; she's spontaneous...and she's nothing like Taylor Swift:

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Kirk Cameron says a controversial viral video of him blurting out "God hates f-gs" is not only 15-20 years old, but is being posted by haters trying to defame him.

The actor and born-again Christian, whose latest film Saving Christmas has been a huge success (at least in its target demo), says this is a smear campaign.

The clip shows Kirk and Ray Comfort, his partner in a Christian outreach website, having a conversation in which Kirk says, "God hates f-gs, and you're going to Hell."

Whatever you think of him and his admittedly polarizing political and religious views, the video is obviously edited to make the 44-year-old look terrible.

A rep for Cameron says the statement is blatantly "taken out of context," possibly implying that he's quoting someone or something else at the time.

Kirk's rep says that pissed off Atheists spliced, edited and have been trying to spread the photo like crazy to torpedo Cameron and his Christmas movie.

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Might Jennifer Aniston really have an issue with Kim Kardashian?

Last week, the actress quipped that she bared her butt for a national magazine long before Kim got naked for Paper Magazine.

But while it seemed as if Aniston was just joking around, the star appeared on Ellen this week and once again made a reference to the Kim Kardashian nude spread. 

While playing a game titled “Last Word” with the host, Aniston’s breasts started to randomly inflate… until they reached the size of approximately Double G by the time the segment ended.

“Something's changed about you,” Ellen said, to which Aniston replied:

"I don't know what you're talking about."

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As Teresa Giudice's prison sentence draws near, sources say the reality star-turned-felon is beginning to panic.

At first, Teresa tried to get out of going to prison altogether - an impossibility under the terms of her plea deal - and now she's moved on to trying to push back the first day of her sentence as much as possible.

Juicy Joe's Looking Bored

And how is Teresa attempting to delay the inevitable? By exploiting her husband's drinking problem, of course!

Yes, Teresa reportedly believes that if she can convince a judge that Joe Giudice needs rehab, the court will push back the start of her sentence until he's done with his treatment.

"Teresa wants Joe to go to rehab first," a source tells Radar.  "Teresa's lawyers would then ask the judge to delay the surrender date because their wouldn't be a parent in the house to take care of their four daughters."

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As previously reported, last night a grand jury chose not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed 18-year old Michael Brown in August.

While those in Ferguson rioted over the outcome, celebrities took to Twitter to express shock and dismay... and CNN journalist Sara Sidner reported live from the streets, inadvertently giving viewers a first-hand look at the danger there.

Watch the video below to see Sidner get pelted in the head by a rock:

“I’m OK, I’m OK. I’ve been hit with much worse in my day,” Sidner told anchor Jake Trapper when asked about her status.

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Kendra Wilkinson is presently filming the hit UK reality show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here in Australia, where people apparently don't watch Kendra on Top online.

We infer this because the hot topic all her fellow cast members are wondering about in the jungle is ... did the former model really have sex with Hugh Hefner?

You know, back when they were together, more than five years ago!?

Back in the U.S.A., K-Dubs just went through an epic six months of marital tumult, after which she ultimately forgave Hank Baskett and took him back.

Kendra's husband allegedly hooked up with a transsexual model named Ava London, although he has never actually confirmed or denied what happened.

That's all irrelevant in the jungle, though. They're too busy gobbling antelope penis and fish eyeballs to worry about that right now (yes, she has to eat those).

When it comes to Wilkinson's rise to fame in the U.S., it's her time as a Playboy girlfriend that piqued the interest of UK TV host Melanie Sykes on I'm a Celebrity.

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