Earlier today, we reported that hackers were threatening to release nude Taylor Swift photos obtained by breaking into the singer's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It now looks as though the crisis has been averted, as crack social media security teams immediately got the situation under control, locking Taylor's account and reportedly tracking down the parties responsible.

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If you're not familiar with Riff Raff, just imagine if someone threw Kesha in a blender with the worst '80s neon fashion and then poured that toxic concoction into one of Lil Jon's bejeweled pimp goblets.

He's a rapper (and apparently an aspiring pro wrestler) but Riff is best known for briefly dating Katy Perry and just generally being a ridiculous human being.

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Earlier today, Taylor Swift's Twitter account was compromised by hackers claiming to be associated with Lizard Squad - the same group who famously hacked into the networks of major gaming systems over the holiday season.

The hackers immediately began tweeting to Swift's 70 million followers, encouraging them to follow various accounts associated with Lizard Squad.

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