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What is... things we did not expect to write about today?

Ken Jennings - who made over $3 million during his incredible run as a contestant on Jeopardy - is facing major fire today for a totally random and very insensitive Tweet.

Proving that even smart men can make dumb decisions, Jennings took to his social media page last night and wrote:

"Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair."

Ken Jennings Photo

Jennings did not put his quote in any kind of context (not that any would really excuse it; safe to assume he simply saw an attractive handicapped person) and it instantly drew a rebuke from followers.

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It's an exciting day for fans or eerie crime drama and boozy, philosophical bromances.

After months of rumors we've finally learned that the second season of HBO's acclaimed cop anthology True Detective will star Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn in two of the lead roles.

  • Colin Farrell Picture
  • Vince Vaughn Picture

If it feels as though time is a flat circle and you've heard all this before, well you may have:

Farrell was cast way back in June, but kept the role under his hat until yesterday. Naturally, rumors abounded on the web, regardless.

Similarly, we reported in August Vaughn would star in season 2, but motor-mouth Vince had been uncharacteristically tight-lipped prior to confirming the news today.

According to the the network's description of the new season, Farrell and Vaughn won't be partnered up on an investigation a la McConaughey and Harrelson, but will instead play a veteran cop and a career criminal, respectively.

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As we all know, cats have nine lives.

But, as the following footage depicts, they don't really need to use eight of them. BECAUSE CATS ARE IMMORTAL.

Filmed last Thursday in Dauphin, Manitoba, this video features a black-and-white kitten that was trapped as a building was all set to collapse.

The poor feline appears to be on a ledge way above the ground, yet before it can jump down to safety, the structure falls apart and the cat disappears into the rubble. RIP, kitty? Not to fast!

You can hear the bystanders feeling terrible for the cat, only for them to then watch in amazement as he comes strolling away, relatively unscathed. Check it out for yourself:

CTV News in Winnipeg reports that the cat is named Sylvester and that the little guy suffer a bit of smoke inhalation.

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A Chris Brown performance last night ended in someone getting stabbed, and if we ask for a show of hands asking who's surprised ... we don't expect to see a lot of hands.

Chris Breezie

Law enforcement sources say it's yet another case of trouble following the R&B singer and his entourage, and that police have been trying to stop this (to no avail).

The stabbing took place right after Brown finished his set at a YMCMB Drake-Lil Wayne after-party at Supperclub in Hollywood, according to witnesses and reports.

Several people leaving got into a fight and someone got stabbed. The victim, whose identity is not known, was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay.

Not unlike when Suge Knight was shot in last month's possible pre-VMA assassination attempt on Chris Brown, no arrests were made, for a simple reason:

No one is coming forward to point any fingers or spill the beans.

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Matthew Gibson, a 55-year-old North Carolina man, finally came clean about a 1997 murder he committed after receiving some texts from Walmart.

Say what now?

Matthew Gibson Mug Shot

Gibson, 55, showed up in Arizona's Winslow Police Department, where Det. Alicia Marquez discovered him "sitting in the lobby, scared and sobbing."

"He wanted to talk about crime he committed more than a decade before," Martinez said, and he recalled meeting a woman one night in Bullhead City, Ariz.

They went back to his trailer, where she became "loud and obnoxious" and he asked her to leave. When she refused, Gibson "bludgeoned her to death."

Using a Maglite flashlight, he killed her just like that, then threw her body into the Colorado River, where he buried his secret, seemingly for good.

Until Walmart texted. And called. And even sent a hard copy of a letter saying that a prescription for Anita Townshed was ready for pickup, anytime.

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Yesterday, we learned that Kris Jenner has filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner after over 20 years of marriage.

Since then, there have been a number of reports (many of them conflicting) about how the divorce will play out.

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner Pic

The Jenners never signed a prenup, so it looked as though things could get ugly Bruce might end up with a lot of Kris' cash.

Sources close to the couple indicate, however, that Kris and Bruce have had so much time to prepare for the divorce that they've actually worked out what they both consider to be a fair split of their estimated $60 million fortune.

What they didn't work out, however, is the future of a property that's proved incredibly lucrative to both of them - the long-running E! reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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What does it take for Kendall Jenner to keep her clothes on? We now have the answer.

The 18-year old, who has been traveling the globe over the past few weeks as part of her new modeling job, took a break from walking the runway in Milan to pass along an important message.

Kim Kardashian sucks! No... wait. That's not it.

Even though Kendall and Kim are reportedly feuding over the former wishing to be taken seriously and the latter going around posing for naked photos all the time.

Instead, Kendall has actually registered to vote; and she's also teamed with Rock the Vote to film the video seen above.

"I'm here in Europe for fashion week, but back in the U.S. it is National Voter Registration Day," Jenner tells her fans.

"And I’m using Rock the Vote’s new mobile registration tool to register to vote and you can too."

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Kendra on Top ... or Rock Bottom? This new sneak preview clip from the third season of Kendra Wilkinson's WE tv show would make you wonder.

The reality star is seen in an awfully distressed state as she attempts to piece together her life after Hank Baskett's hand relief session with Ava London.


Sobbing and falling to her knees in totally not scripted fashion as she learns that Hank may have cheated on her with a transgender model, Kendra is reeling.

The betrayal occurred while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with their second child, Alijah, now five months old, and was exposed by London herself.

"The world is accusing my husband of cheating on me with a transsexual," Wilkinson says in the clip. "What I know from my life is that men give up."

"This marriage ... was a huge lie."

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At the moment, Apollo Nida is in prison, but apparently before he left for his 8-year vacation at Club Fed, Phaedra Parks' troubled husband filmed some scenes for The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7.

And based on Kenya Moore's latest online Q&A session with fans, Apollo vindicated her during one of their final scenes together and even apologized on camera!

  • Kenya Moore Red Carpet Photo
  • Apollo Picture

In case you don't remember, last year, Nida claimed Moore was sexting him and looking for a hook-up while they were both in LA.

Kenya admitted that she and Nida had exchanged text messages, but denies they were sexual in nature.

Apollo stuck to his guns, but apparently had a crisis of conscience before he was shipped off to prison, and he confessed in front of Bravo cameras that he made the whole thing up.

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If you haven't heard, Kaley Cuoco's haircut is a big deal. Like, such a big deal that she had to ask Ryan Sweeting's permission before getting her current Ellen DeGeneres look.

So it stands to reason that Kaley has to undergo a lot of primping throughout the day to put her beloved locks in perfect order. But we never realized just how committed Kaley is to keeping every hair in its place until she posted this photo to Instagram:

Kaley Cuoco Toilet Photo

Based on the caption it seems that this is a pic of Kaley backstage at The Talk and it seems she really wanted to look her best for her interview.

She didn't provide any explanation for the scene, so we're just assuming that this is the sort of personal attention a $90 million contract will get you. Hopefully, that's the only kind of assistance Kaley receives in the bathroom.

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