Zac Efron Nude
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Just kidding, people. This pic is so FAKE. People just want you to think it's Zac Efron nude so they doctor photos such as this. Hard to blame them for wanting to see Zac's manhood in a sense, but you're not fooling THG. Side note - that booty belongs to Ashley Tisdale!

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Shot of Zanessa

Granted, they aren't looking their best in this picture. But Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens still comprise a gorgeous Hollywood couple.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron try to hide from photographers. They aren't too successful.

Zanessa Sighted

Sorry to tell you this, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. But it's gonna require much better costumes to hide from the press.

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Zac Efron looks casual, but Vanessa Hudgens got very dressed up in order to celebrate her 21st birthday with friends at a North Hollywood establishment.

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He is not nude. People r just tryin to get him to look bad.


u know zac ur right ive seen the pic and u did have trunks on those pple should gust stop mixing it up.....its gust wrong man the way big fann!!:P


you need to put some clothes on that bla. no one want to see that.


what the fuck!! we all know zac would never do that....dont you hate fucking photoshop ugh i have seen a pic that was just like this one but he haad shorts on wow some people are just plain stupid asses


Hye zack.U so h000t.I wan gay with u h3 h3


u look damn sexy i hope u will be truly naked someday in the sea and i will have sex with u inside it i hope u kiss me takeme in you re arms have sex and keep on kising me on the lips forever and ever and ever and never leave and may that day last forever and my name is johanna and not johar its my nickname and i hope it cames someday i hope but i cant wait for u to kiss me hold me touch me have sex and never leave and be locked in a room forever and ever and ever and u would never stop noone would ever come to take us because the room will be already locked and the key i ll throw outside you are damn sexy u know and we ll have what tod o as i told u u sexy naked boy teenager


Gotta love it when the craploids put out obvious fake pictures and pass them off as news.


jasus id do him any day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


fucin hell hes a ride


stop complaining hes so sexy every body wants to see his boddy so shut the hell up hes a sex bom and so wat if they made it like that his body is sexy