Yay Pregnancy!
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Why wouldn't Kourtney Kardashian love being pregnant? Look at all the attention it's garnered for her.

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-lol thts sooo true,,anymus i was thinking like damn thts fucking crazzy if she does get an abortion butt its good that she decided 2 keep the baby=]''cuzz itt would have been fucked uup iff she did get thee abortion buttt senxce she didn't she a good mommy=]'' anyways soo good luckk to herr=]''!!!**


-kourtney kardashian is sssso pretty,,especially prego;thats crazzy though she dint noe that she was prego at first i jusst scene the old- episode thee other dayy,,of that i never saww it that sounds like something that would happen 2meehh i probabbly would have aslo taken manny prego tests too haha!! & still not have been suree, butt anyway im happy for herr she a good mommy=]''!! keep it uup kourtney good luck!!


I love her being pregnant.


now she loves being pregnant after she was gonna have an abortion