Willow Smith with Green Hair
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What do you think of Willow Smith's new hair? The very young singer has gone green!

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ABSOLUTELY SAD. We have our God given "utensils" for a reason. Soon we will be playing baseball with a 2bats and no gloves or 2 gloves and no bat.... Society is warped............


The other person who commented is exactly whats wrong with the black community. Why is wanting to stand out and be different in a non-destructive way a reason to hit a child? What does that even sound like? My child doesn't want to look and act like everyone else, they're still a good kid but I hate what they want to do with their hair so I'm going to beat them. Sounds like an angry abuser not an angry parent. That type of logic-less obsessive controlling nature is what makes children resent their parents, hide things from them and rebel in all the worst ways.


her mom needs to step in and needs her daughter to stop with all these wild and crazy hair. If this was my daughter i would smack the ( You know what ) out of her. This generation i tell you . Let this be my daughter and she changing her hair like this i would spank her till her Butt Cheeks become the color of her hair. Sincerly An VERY angry parent