Will and Jada
Will and Jada Smith look happy at the Grammy Awards here, don't they? But might there be trouble in paradise?


Get real with it okay in this whole situation that I see going on between the whole Jada Smith-Pinkett/Marc Anthony closeness. We as respecting real Christian adult will know the truth no matter how much you try to ovrsensationalize it with all of the rhetoric or dirty smear tactics it still sounds rather dirty laundry type situation with husband and wife going through that same ole Hollywood ordeal trying to fake what's real in their hearts too. I feel sad for the both of them because people don't know how to really communicate like they used to anymore in this world (it's all about money, images, and what you think you can get away with because you think you are above reproach/the law too). No more straight honest examples or positive images are left in this situation here.

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