Whoa, Twins!
Hugh Hefner is a confused old man. He appears shocked to learn that the Shannon twins look exactly alike. Crazy!

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omg people get over it.. Holly was not even pretty. she had wayyy too much work done & these girls aren't the prettiest in the world, but at least they are natural & realistic! giant hard barbie boobs are not hot...=/ lmao. anyhow what i find gross is that they are twin SISTERS and this is totally incest.


Omg!!!! The twin on the left looks as if she is pregnant! Like come on Heff you can do so much better!!! Dont get me wrong they are hot but Holly was sooooooooo much better even with the twins combine!


hey !!!!!! when are you 2 DUE!!!! U need HEADS UP on the "uppity up" life and get 'round the GHETTO ATTIRE!!!!!


OMG those two look LOL...LOOK..like they are straight out of Alice in trailer park land!!!! they need to fire there stylist!

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