Whitney Houston Comeback
It wasn't good. Let's just leave it at that and move on.

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To sarah...Thank you for saying that!!! Even though she had issues with her voice (for whatever reason) She still put on a brave face and just worked with what she had at the time. Her voice didindeed change but mygracious the one she came back with was as beautiful just in a different way. She is however as human as the rest of us and some days she was on and some days she wasn't, but was still untouchable and will always be "The Voice". God bless you Sarah for standing up for her and choosing not to abbandoning her!


Absolutely disgraceful that these beautiful photos of such an incredible and one in a billion superstar would have such rude and insulting captions below them. Particularly at such a sensitive time. Even beautiful photos of the star in her glory days, say that 'she once was amazing and now is a wreck' etc. Disgusting that a bad lifestyle choice of a singer needs to define her, what about her incredible talent that no one is yet to match, and may never match? What about her beautiful smile, and pure love for music? What about the unconditional love she had for her daughter? Every single positive thing about her is suddenly not important because of a battling addiction? It is a sad thing if as a society we are not able to focus on these very significant positives. And purely look for every single negative!!

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Whitney Houston on Good Morning America
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