When in Rome...
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It's a tough life for Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. They must travel the world together and visit awful places such as Rome.

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Blogging Moron

Perez Hilton has accomplished a difficult task: he's universally hated, yet millions of people visit his website each day.

A Stewart Smirk

It's difficult to get Kristen Stewart to fully smile. Photographers in Rome will have to accept this.

Eclipse Promo Photo

Yes, Kristen Stewart, stand there. Now smile for the camera. This is all part of the deal when you star in the Twilight Saga.

Taylor Abroad

Taylor Lautner strikes a hot pose overseas in this picture. He was spotted in Rome, doing publicity for the release of Eclipse.

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Kristen and Taylor in Rome
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he is soooo cuuutteee:x
but she is a bitch!helloo!