What Happened?!?
They had a good run. Or at least just a run. But Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have kalled it quits.

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kris is to muchhh.....like KHLOE SAID ^^ km has everything , and kris ????? NOTHING


I feel sorry for Kris,,he took in his heart,,and he dident knowit
was about family breand market logo,,
kim had a plean with her family to get as much as thay could from his name and money ,,is to crazy this story and this kardishan family sale what thay can to get money ,, Kris move on darling,,,,,,,,,,
Sad and True

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Kim K. and Kris
Kris Humphries is a power forward for the New Jersey Nets. But that's not why he's included on our website. The Minnesota native started... More »
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