What Elin Knew
What did Elin Woods know and when did she know it? Tiger's cheating ways came back to haunt him, but at what point did Elin find out - and what's her next move?

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Sure BR make it a racial thing (that excuses it doesn't it) ya onion


rich WHITE MEN have been cheating since the begining of time and it is quietly swept under the rug. This only big new because of Tigers ethincity! Shame on you white America!


The more and more women that come forward, the more likely it is that she knew. What are we up to now? 11? Who has time for 11+ women, a wife, 2 kids and OH YEAH BEING THE WORLD'S BEST GOLFER. It would seem to me the only way he could have done all that was with his wife's blessing.

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