What a Nightmare
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Cover your ears, folks. Tila Tequila is "singing" in this picture. It's a nightmare.

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Totally Wrecked by a Train

When Tila Tequila performed for fans in Los Angeles, very few showed up. We feel sorry for this walking, talking mess.

Legs Wide Open

Pop quiz: has Tila Tequila ever posed for a photo with her legs closed? The answer is no.

Tila on Stage

We can't actually hear Tila Tequila sing just from looking at this picture. But our ears hurt anyway.

Ugly Performance

Tila Tequila performs on stage in this picture. The DJ simply looks bored, doesn't he? Poor guy.

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Tila Tequila, NSFW
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Nice nothing! ..12 year olds look up to this druggie! She will eventually wither away or decide to become a normal member of society.


why are u guys so mean to tila ? what has she done to u ? did she steal ur boyfriend ? kill ur cat ? have u ever even had a conversation with a woman ? do u even have a life ? why is it so important for u to try and bash one small little human being ? u talk about tila being a slut and stuff but what does that make u ? talking all this smack about one person ? posting it all over the web ? oh hell NO! LOL! fuck you! and ur lame gossip blog! i read this blog thinking it was gonna be something positive about her! but its just negative man yall going to hell! LOL. an ugly peformance ? she looks beautiful! if this chick was my mom! oo wee id tap that! LOL yall know miss tila is beautiful all the niggas that deny that must be gay LOL but forrealz.