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Jenn Sterger? Hot. Brett Favre? Still a dumbass.

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Jennifer Sterger Pic

Jennifer Sterger (a.k.a. Jenn Sterger) allegedly received a text message packed with Brett Favre's package. Some voicemails too. That's just ... wrong and hilarious.

Hot Jenn Sterger Picture

Jenn Sterger? Somewhat attractive. Brett Favre? Good taste. But terrible form. Asking a girl for a masturbation video? Give us a break, Brett.

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It's hard to blame Brett Favre for wanting to holler at the smoldering Jenn Sterger. Easy to blame him for actually doing it though. Dude is married. Texting a pic of your wang, too? That's just gross B-dawg.

Jenn Sterger Underwear Picture

Jenn Sterger is an underwear model, Playboy centerfold and former reporter for the New York Jets. Oh, and the girl Brett Favre was hollering at.

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