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Adam Lambert's debut album finished at number-three on the charts in its first week of release. Not too shabby.

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I agree with u Jodine. Sex and all that carry on is between two people not the world and Allie you may think that is ok and thats fine but why should people have to get rid of their TV because the moral standards or etiquette now is so low. Bring back some decency and respect and a better influence for the children.


Hey - it is what it is...if I offends you in 2009 you need to get rid of you TV. Adam is 'one of a kind' gifted artist - he does not have to change who he is??? Anyway look at all the press this is getting....I am 63 and a huge fan of this beautiful person...nothing phony about him... The fact is "Adam is a man"....if this was a 'lady'...then the fuss would be minimal.... This is my opinion - which I have a right to - just like everyone else - so I am not judging your opinion - just letting you know
your options...

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