Walking Willow
It won't be long until Willow Smith is on the runway. She had a great time at Fashion Week in Milan when attending with mother Jada Pinkett.

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cool outfit wow r those hells


really hot


You go Willow.....'WHIP YOUR HAIR BACK AND FORTH'!!!! She's adorable....Money cant take the place of a daddy's love for his little girl ....believe me!!!! Great job Will,and you too Jada,Jaden is incredible.I saw him on a late show not long ago,,and I was delighted in his interview skills and his dancing and entertaining...What a cool little role model for the young folks out there! Guess I'll rent karate kid....I hear its very good as well.


I think the youngster is very cute and has beautiful eyes.Its a wonderful thing that Will and Jada are letting their children do exciting amazing things.Thay are fortunate to have been blessed with awesome adorable children.Do the right things Will and Jada.Money or not theses kids are cute ,talented and will hopefully continue to inspire young people all over the world to strive to be great and do wonderful things with your life. Htas off to the Smith crew!!!

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Willow Smith in Milan
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Milan, Italy
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Willow Smith is the daughter of A-list actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett. Her older brother Jaden rose to fame in a remake of The... More »
Los Angeles, CA
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Willow Camille Reign Smith