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This is Wade Robson. The choreographer is accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse.

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Lisa hyde boland

Wade Robson, you are a disgrace. You are a disgrace to real survivors. You are a disgrace to Michael's children. You are a disgrace to friendship, loyalty and doing the right thing. I am a survivor. Never once, did I question Michael. You will have to live with this the rest of your life. If this really had happened, you would have spoken out years ago. Repressed memory is real. Your story is not. Sleep well. But remember this.You have stabbed your friend in the back. You have dishonored one of the kindest, most generous human beings to ever walk amongst us. Michael Joseph Jackson lived to help people and spread love and understanding throughout the world. What he received in return were hideous lies, innuendo, leeches that sucked the life out of him and the knowledge that he could not trust anyone. A kind hearted soul, he helped you, trusted you, guided you. Taught you. This MAN. This poster child for bullying and snide comments from unethical, "rag journalists", kept going, kept spreading love and kindness. Enduring a nightmare that none of us could possibly conceive of. YOU, Wade Robson have jumped on the wagon with the rest of the vultures and cutthroats. "Let's say anything we want to about Michael Jackson. We don't care that he was a human being. We want MONEY." You may go on as a second rate dancer, but, your reputation will be permanently ruined. It already is. Lisa Boland.

@ Lisa Hyde-Boland

So full of crap your eyes are brown. You're no survivor. You're a liar.

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