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This is Wade Robson. He's making headlines lately for his claims against Michael Jackson.

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Why ypur parents let you hang out with a grown man back then they need to be interviewed. Oh by the way its hard to get money from black people so take yo gay ass an go get a dam job bitch


He is lieing he just want money. Michael jackson been threw alot and what he is doing is mess up


Hasn't the family been through enough. Shame on you. If this was true, you should have filed while Michael was alive. Of course, Michael isn't here to defend himself. Let him rest in peace.


Of course he molested you ( complete sarcasm here). Why wait til he's dead to accuse him. Why would you lie in court on the witness stand? I think you need to be arrested and tried for perjury. Shame on you. You can't punish him he's dead moron. You think his family should suffer more than they already have you money grubbing publicity and or sympathy seeking son of a bitch.

@ Linda Siik

You be said all i wanted to say. Thx.

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