Vienna Sucks
Face, that is. With Jake Pavelka. See attached image. Vomit at will.

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Vienna is the perfect example of a bitch slap feel sorry for her future partner


If there were ever 2 people to blame in a break up this is it! Both Jake and Vienna are Anna Nicole wanna-a-bes with nothing but fame and fortune driving their intentions. Jake has a God complex, while Vienna is a spoiled rotten brat! I agree Jake, you can't help who your heart falls in love with, but for Pete's sake, you should have listened to every single person on the face of this earth who warned you that you were making a mistake. Vienna, I respect your competitive drive to win...but look whose lost now...both of you! I think the big winners here were the 24 other contestants who after seeing the controlling and "superior" Jake on this interview, all should have gotten together and toasted their lucky breaks that They were spared this horrible nightmare. I guess there is such a thing as bad publicity!


Yes Jake had to follow his heart or was his heart being dragged in another direction? I think that Vienna manipulated jake by tugging at him "below the belt" to convince his heart that he should pick her. Poor Innocent Tenley never stood a chance because Vienna used her "Sexual" tricks" to get Jake to follow his (Head.) oppss i ment heart


your right kt tenley is sooooo much better then that thing oh and mckenzy your a fuckin beeeeeeeeeooooooooooootttttttttcccccchhhhhhhh BITCH yeah i mean you mckenzie/asshole stop going on this website if your gonna bitch about the thing called vienna loving jake because shes a fucking dump i mean i bet she smokes crack or weed like have you seeen her face she smokes pot i bet now tenley shes beautiful the other thing is not thats all i had to say and do not evn tell me that im a asshole because you should not be talking beotch


everybody needs to stop calling jake a jerk for picking vienna. He obviously picked who his heart told him too and he would be a jerk if he had picked tenley when he obviously loves vienna.


Jake + Vienna = True Love
He had *stars in his eyes* every time he saw her :)


Um..that shouldbe TENLEY,not Vienna.

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