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Covering her bare top, Miley Cyrus receives direction during the infamous Vanity Fair photo shoot. Where were her parents when all this was going down? Supposedly, they had recently left the set. Seems fishy to us.

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i think she sould be ashamed im really sorry but i think that she gonna be another britney spaers


miley you did"t do the good thing taking photo naked that"s not good im 11 years old and you are 5 years old begear thant me so.If i ware you i well say NO VANITY FAIR NO PHOTO LIKE THAT evane if i whase you parent i well be thare and i well say the same thing.You whare my fan but not now if you apolozige to all the world you se that you gonna be my fan.but one actress in disney it has to be good look how many child like you but wen the say the news the sad O MY GEAD THAT"S HANNAH MONTANNA so i well thell you PLEASE apolozige PLEASE YOU WARE MY BEGEARE FAN IN THE WOLDS and thont avore take photo like that


i think that she should be ashamed because she lied to her self and loyal fans when she said she not be like britney in sort of those kind of scandels she is not acting her age not only acting like a something to lose trying to act grown i say slow down before you go down and and thats comin from a loyal fan but not any more and i dont intend on leting my younger innocent siblings watch your show or surpport anything you do.

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