Up to No Good
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Amy Winehouse looks like she's up to something devilish. Perhaps a plan to some weed laced with crack while pleading not guilty to assault charges in court.

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Wino at Court Hearing

Amy Winehouse arrives for court, looking remarkably with it! We're a little surprised, we have to admit.

Wino Smoking a Cig

Amy Winehouse puffs on a cigarette outside of court. Who among us hasn't enjoyed that feeling when staring down a felony charge?

Eww, Gross

Tell us about it, Amy. Tell us about it.

The Hived One

Amy Winehouse in her signature beehive, escorted by her dad, Mitch, as she made an appearance in court to face assault charges.

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Winehouse at Courthouse
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She definitely looks better than she has in ages, but is she out of money? Because her teeth are NASTY!!!
And why can we see one of her nipples poking out as she appears in freakin' COURT?!?!