Two Taylors
In between takes of their new movie Valentine's Day, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift chatted. Wouldn't these two make an adorable couple?

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#2 They would be PERFECT!! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!
#3 Kristen is NOT going to date him! Shes with Robert Pattinson!!


In this picture she is totally blushing and the way that she's removing the hair from her face is her mind's subconscious way of saying "make Taylor see your face" though Taylor L's body language shows that he is just friends and probably doesn't want to be much else.


i am probly one of taylor lautners number one fans (i have two whole walls of just him in my room), and i will be so pissed off if he dates the nasty ugly stupid taylor swift. she is disgusting, and he deserves someone WAY better than her. maybe selena, or someone not famous!!! jsut cuz they're cute, they have the same name, and are doing a movie together, doesn't mean they should date. he should go for kristen stewart! they would be a match made in HEAVEN!!!

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