Tricked By Emily's Lies!
Brad Womack has been conned. CONNED by Emily Maynard! So In Touch would have you believe, anyway.

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Thank U Emily Fans ! After the Sports Illastrated filming was shot. ...I bet my scorpio partner that Brad would fall in love with Chantal O she would fall in love with him. Brad would give Chantal O the final Rose. Exspect a Marriage and Babies IF Mommie and Brother first Approve OFFCOURSE. Well Honey pay Up S Good thing I could relie on the Charolette NC people to give me the info on Emily well as for Chantal O don't let Brads Mommie control u and Brads life


Megan your message posted on Hollywood Gossip March 5th,2011 Your message is another proff that Brad did not choose Emily and that he choose Chantal O your message confirms that Because Brad and his family wouldn't have approved Emily eating with her Exs the Hendricks in public at a Resturant in her hometown Charolette NC after he would have been engagged to her. Also Asley Ripka posted Emily and Little Rikki still reside in her home filmed OCT 27th,2011 by ABC on the Bachelour with Brad Womack in NC


Thank U Megan, whom posted the news s. So u saw Emily Maynard with the Hendricks grandparents to little Rikki


I will no longer be buying In Touch. I thought they verified their info but they obviously don't.

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