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A picture of Traci Lynn Johnson, Tiki Barber's mistress. She's a cute girl, although you gotta wonder what he was thinking, with two kids, two more on the way and a nice wife and everything.

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Tiki barber is subject to the same lust as any other men, but I do love the way the media spends so little time on white adulterers, I guess those monkeys are boring, its expected of white-men I assume it kinda sucks I had white-men offer to pay me large sums of money to screw their wive...Talk about a rat or a literal earth worm...


Tiki Barber, is just another rat that is caught up in himself,having no honor or respect for the sacred instution of his marriage vows to be faithful to his wife and children. Tiki can now join the list of celeberity LOUSE favorites, names that I will fail to mention.....Welcome aborad Tiki.

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