Tina Fey, Husband
It may just be the angle of this photo, but Tina Fey looks like a giant compared to her husband. They're seen here at the premiere of Date Night.

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I cannot believe that you are married to a midget. He looks like a little insignificant little man, I can't see what you see in him. I thought this was a joke at first and then I saw all the other pictures of you and him wow not really laughing now. I am really laughing. I had to say it twice. I still can't believe it. It's supposed to be the other way around. He's supposed to be tall and You are the small one. Well anyways, good luck you make me laugh. I love you always have. I envy that small man I'm 6'4". I have a good-looking wife. I wish you the best and I am not just saying that I'm not mean just envious. Good luck small man. :-) You're a lucky man

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Date Night Premiere
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Tina Fey in Vanity Fair
Tina Fey is a funny, funny lady. She is known best for three things: Hilarious 30 Rock quotes Being the head writer of Saturday Night... More »
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