The Teen Mom 2 Stars
The stars of Teen Mom 2.

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Kailyn has a deformed looking child..he is just plain butt-ass ugly..but so is she and baby-daddy so what should we have expected? ALSO- Ali is a four-eyed 'tard..they should pay Leah extra to keep that lttle pig OFF the show!


R U kidding me? Jenelle, is a total train wreck. From day 1, she has not been a MOTHER, to that beautiful baby boy. HER MOTHER, has. She never even deserved a spot on Teen Mom. Lets get real!!! Her only concerns are getting high and fighting, hanging with thugs..She has played to the camera's from the very beginning. When Dr. Drew talked to Chelsea, Katilyn, leah and Jenelle, their babies were all there with them. Jenelle, had very little imput in the rearing of Jace. It was really sad. That bitch hasn't spent more than 10-20 minutes with HER SON, since this all started. He calls Barbara (his grand-mother) Mommie......


Janelle needs to stop smoking weed for the rest of her life and them maybe she will do something for herself. When she get's off the weed maybe she will dump that bum of a boyfriend of hers'. Jenelle seems to be an intelligent girl, she needs to go back to school and try to do something with her life. Sitting around smoking weed all day only contributes to her insecurities and the obvious neglect of her son. Jennelle needs therapy and medication she has some serious behavioral problems. Her moms love is definately unconditional and she is so devoted to Jace, boy he is a cuttie.

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