The Revenge Body
Kim Kardashian has found the best way to get revenge against Reggie Bush: take an unhealthy weight loss supplement and wear a bikini!

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kim is nothing but a short midget with fake boobs and kinda look like indian. bet cristiano was trying to try someone older.


i agrre kim is just famous coz of sex ,wthout th looks ,she dump


I must agree with Roxy. Kim is just famous for the sex tape and her and mother are very good I must say at keeping themselves in the limelight.


Kim Kardashian, is a waste of humanity, waste of valuable time, and just plain stupid. How could anyone put her in the front of a magazine and yet flatter her some saggy, cellulite filled body? I don't get it! She is not that important! nobody will marry her at the most, she is too dumb to be made into a housewife. She has no brain, and the only thing going for her is obviously her sex tape! She really has nothing to offer. The only sister I respect is Kourtney-since she went to school and got a degree, she and her crazy sister Khloe have no degree and obviously by the way they talk have nothing to offer other than there so called " looks". Sorry but if anybody wants to praise someone, please can it be a smart women??? I'm tired of seeing stupid, irrational, air-headed women who have nothing to offer-other than their looks! what is that telling society>???

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