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Ian Somerhalder shows off the latest fashion in this GQ photograph. Is the actor adorable or what?

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hi im 18 and i live in hawaii
and i think if you ever come here we
should meet up and talk because you are really
cute and i no beyond your cuteness and you fame
i think your a really respectful guy to be with
and i love you in the vampire diaries and i really want to be with
you but i pretty sure your with nina but if you guys dont work out you
should come down and meet me(:so please i beg you to visit me>..

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Ian Somerhalder in GQ
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Ian Somerhalder got his big break as the character of Boone on Lost. In the spring of 2009, it was announced that he'd help anchor a... More »
Covington, Louisiana
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Ian Somerhalder