The Kiss of Death
When Lindsay Lohan is moving in for a kiss, you best get out of the way. Even if you're some inanimate object. Just do what you can.

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i think you all should stop being mean she is a person like us she makes mistakes like us but we r not on the front page she so a person and she has trouble help her dot
make fun of her

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Los Angeles, California
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Lindsay Lohan Biography

Lindsay Lohan Photo Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession... More »
New York City
Full Name
Lindsay Dee Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Quotes

Tell him he's f*cking amazing, and I want to meet him.

Lindsay Lohan [on Michael Phelps]

I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family.

Lindsay Lohan