The Kardashian Sisters
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Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian wave to the camera. Write in today and let us know which of these princesses annoys you more.

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I love your show. You ladies are so hilarious but real. You deal with real issues just like others. You ladies are so unique and beautiful. Keep making us laugh and keeping it real.


The Kardashian show makes me sick to my stomach. Those girls have no moral values whatsoever. They curse in front of the younger children and pose nude for magazines. It's time they stand up and become true ladies with a sense of ethics and accept Jesus Christ into their lives as their lord and savior. Their lives will be so much better for it, and they won't feel the need to constantly live like a bunch of sluts.




Can someone please check Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian? They need to be happy with whatever scraps get thrown their way. They - and the rest of the family for that matter - are all riding on Kim's coattails. There wouldn't even be a show if not for Kim. I've watched the show a few times but I just can't stand Khloe (who needs her butt kicked) and that valley girl Kourtney. Get a grip you two and just say thank you to Kim.


I love the show Bruce Jenner is hot