The Chuggin Monkey
Brad Womack (middle) and the pals he started The Chuggin Monkey bar with. One thing is for sure: the newest Bachelor can drink!

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This is the most honest bachelor who did not get caught up in the moment and just propose and break up 2 weeks later. I applaud him for being true to his heart.


He's a scumbag because he didn't choose either one of the last two even though he didn't feel as though he was in love? Really? So what you're saying he should have led one of the young ladies on and perhaps started a sham affair just to save face on TV. I think not. Doing that would have really made him a scumbay. Good for you Brad.


Nice photos DIRTBAG! You should rename your bar to SPANKING MY OWN MONKEY now being that you made yourself look a big A-Hole on the Bachelor! Have A Nice Life SCUMBAG!

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