The Cast of Teen Mom 2
This is the cast of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry are coming back in December 2011 for a new season!

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Take the baby away from kailyn, she can't take care of him so give him to Jo and his mom. they can provide a home and needs for him. Oh ya, Jo tell Jr. to charge for child care. She don't think about how she impose on people with her stupid self. kailyn is just plain dumb. Take Issac away somebody...You are VERY IGNORANT!!!! Chelsea Adam is right on "everything" about you. You is just stupid. You got Jenelle beat. And thats alot! Stop abusing your child! Take the time off Adam, and get your nose opened up, we get tired hearing you breath out of your mouth. and you can't talk so stop taking baby take. It gets on E V E R Y B O D Y' S nerves. And put shoes on those ugly feet please. Leah turns from a goodie too shoes into a HO! HoHoHo... Jenelle just go to jail. It's nothing for you out here. You have used up everybody! You look sooo nasty. uugh!!!


Chelsea does not have a clue; she is in denial, her supposed guy can't stand her and her whinning. She needs to get a life and get an education and a job. She is so clueless as to what she needs in a relationship that it is pathetic.

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