The Aviator
Jake Pavelka looks so effing cool in those aviator shades. Okay not really. Jake is a little bit of a cheese ball. We love him and all, seriously, but come on.

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hey jake you look fine. I wish I could be on the bacholeter and be your girl. hope here from you soon


Jake seriously needs a lip job....way too a lizard...he is still good looking though...


Give her a chance, the writing is on the walls, every where, Jake will get what he wants, a naughty girl.


This reminds me a lot of the Travis/Moana season. At first, Moana seemed like a bitch, but as the season progressed, she grew on me. I was sad she wasn't the one in the end. The same might be said about Vienna...let's watch the show and give her chance before making judgements.

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