Terrible Singer
Jessica Simpson is as bad as it gets - and we're not only referring to her music, but her clothes, as well!

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Hey Natalie and Anne. You're saying what you're saying because you're a fat blob yourself. No thin girl would make those comments.
Maybe Jessica doesn't qualify as fat yet, but she sure is overweight. This is NOT completely normal. Normal is what she used to look like. Just look at her flabby arms. Just because 75% of the US population is between overweight to obese doesn't make it normal.
To call somebody anorexic just because they have a flat stomach, proves that you could loose a bunch of pounds yourself.


Jessica looks absolutely fabulous on these pictures.
Finally she looks like a woman.
I wish that every hollywood star would look like this!! Stick thin is so last season!!
Big girls are in!


Jessica BLIMPson...hey, she's now a real BOMBshell...hahahaha

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Fat Jessica Simpson
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