Teresa Giudice on Decency
Don't get on Teresa's Giudice's bad side. She might flip a table on you.

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Denice turner gilbert

I hate to see anyone in trouble with the law, but you can not tell me that Teresa didn't perform last season. Could any of us get on TV and let the world see what kind of hell your going through with the law? Hick no. And the sad thing about it is there kids will be able to look back over, and over and watch what mom went through to try and save faith with her on family, and have to ament to some thing she is not proud of. Give the lady a break. She is looking at a long road of pure hell ahead of her.

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Teresa Giudice is a Real Housewife of New Jersey. She was born in the Garden State and is married to a guy named Joe. She has three... More »
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