Tenley From The Bachelor
This is Tenley Molzahn from ABC's The Bachelor. She is one of Jake Pavelka's final four ladies. That is great for her and for us, as we actually like her.

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No....Tenly is the perfect one for Jake, She Loved him and she deserved to have him! Vienna Is a cheater! jake does not deserve someone like her! I hope Tenly Will Eventually find someone that she loves and someone that loves her back just as much! Good Luck Tenly!!!


I think Jake should have picked Tenly.I'm not the only one that thinks that either.Tenly would sooo be wayyy better for Jake than Vienna.I hope Tenly is the next bachelorette or either finds a very good man that will love her and never let her go.Tenly deserves better and one day i bet she is gonna find the man of her dreams!Good luck Tenly!


I think that jake and vienna are not a good coulpe. but that's my opinion. if jake is happy with her and she's being real with him, because that's what really counts than congratulations to them and I hope that they last forever and if they dont... people warned jake about her and it;s his fault that he didnt take that advice. :(


Tenley is too much of a cry baby.......Vienna is the one for Jake...She is a spare of the moment lady and that is what Jake is looking for..........

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