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Nick Jonas is captured in all his cuteness by Teen Vogue in this shot. He looks good, doesn't he?

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I love nick. He is so cute and he has a great heart. He has a great voice. I hope to be a pop star, rock star, or a Bollywood star. I am a really big fan of the Jonas Brothers but Nick is my favorite. I would really like to meet him. My favorite songs that he sings are called 'Who I Am' and 'Last Time Around'. I also watch Jonas L.A. and I love it.


I am so jealous! Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus both got to go out with Nick!!! he's so H-O-T. look at the way those beautiful dark brown eyes stare at you. it makes you melt.

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Nick Jonas is part of the wildly successful group, The Jonas Brothers. The 17-year old was rumored to be dating Miley Cyrus. That was... More »
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