Teen Mom Split!
Is it all over for Leah Messer and Corey Simms? Apparently, according to this unreliable tabloid!

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Jenelle is on the wrong show. She belongs on "The Worlds Strictest Parents. She is so selfish. Cares nothing about her son and mother. She steals from her mother to support a bum. Her mother should take her before Judge Judy and sue her! She makes me sick to my stomach. Come on she cares more about pot than her son. Whatever mental institution she came out of somebody need to go back and get a refund! I'm the mother of three and grandmother of four. My youngest 10 year old grandson has more respect and common sense in the tip of his baby toenail then she has in her whole being. The disrespectful ingrate should be sent to the poorest part of this country for three months.

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Leah Messer stars on Teen Mom 2. That's on MTV. She's married to her baby daddy Corey Simms, which makes her relatively unique and stable... More »
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