Taylor Swift at Billboard Music Awards
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Do you like this Taylor Swift fashion choice? She made it at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

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2013 Billboard Music Awards
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Didn't use to care for her, but have changed my mind. Women do that. LOL She seems pretty OK these days.


How fitting that Billboards had teamed THE GREAT CELINE DION to present the Award to you, it wasn't by accident, they planned it that way to show the world two of the most classiest celebrities in their industry. They saved the best for last....YAYYYY ..that was FABULOUS ,thank you!!!


Taylor Swift UR the bomb..classy,classy dress..your awards and taste in your dress go hand in hand..funny why other big celebrities think they have to dress like garbage..you'd think they'd learn from you how secure you are with yourself ...you deserve all those accolades, God Bless you for sticking with your values.