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Svitlana Buchyk is the rumored mistress of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). This has not been confirmed, it's just speculation at this time.

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Here is the denials as seeing in Washington Post (Witch is legit news paper)
From Gerald Greenberg attorney for Svitlana Buchyk
"The only surprise is how quickly the lies decomposed. I guess that's why they're called fringe media."
“Ms. Buchyk is an actress and model attending to her career,” said her attorney, Gerald Greenberg. “Any allegation that she had an improper relationship with Senator Menendez or anyone else is sheer nonsense. The claims about her that have appeared in fringe-media sources are irresponsible
and utterly absurd.” Svitlana Buchyk: "Thank goodness. I'm happy these allegations were exposed for the lies that they are. Shame on the people that created them and repeated them." http://articles.washingtonpost...

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