Suri's First Crap
Suri Cruise: The First Bowel Movement! No, it's not a rendition of Tom Cruise's career. Someone actually made this sculpture of Suri Cruise's first (massive) deuce. You gotta wonder how this crap (heh heh) becomes known as art. Just don't shoot the messenger, okay?

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No different than kate Gosselin taking pictures of her kids first Poop In the potty! People dont care about their kids privacy. It's nasty.




bwahahaha! I always had a hunch that they bronzed (or gilded?) Suri's poop.


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii awful this thing, poor girl will have no dignity left after all they parents have to be shame of this sculpture, is better this money to be given in charity than in poop's sculpture leave children live their own experiences in pace and not make them grow with mental disorders.......
iiiiiiiiiiii disgusting
shame off

Photo Credit:
Daniel Edwards
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