Stripping Down
Holy major hotness! This picture of Miranda Kerr, courtesy of GQ, is pretty much as sexy as it gets.

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i would't accept her in such a pics.. i love her veryyyy much and i cant live without her.. i used to see her pics for many hrs continiously.&also put her photo in my purse....
no other girl is as beautiful as she in this universe.
god bless her


that photographer needs to be shot, great shot of her head but those wrinkles under her arm should have been "photoshopped" out! i think he was focused on one thing.


Simon she is not a porn star- Models are not supposed to look like trailer trash. The whole point is to be tantalizing. Sexy but without looking like a fake tanned tramp. And believe me those lady lumps are real.


When is she going to pose for playboy and really show us what she's got between those legs, C'mon don't tease, show us all the good bits, how about some real photo's.

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Miranda Kerr in GQ
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Miranda Kerr Nude
Miranda Kerr is a very good looking model. And she's used those looks - along with some personality, we imagine - to go on a few dates... More »
Miranda May Kerr
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