Stephanie Santoro in In Touch
A picture of Jon Gosselin's supposed play thing Stephanie Santoro. She seems like a nice girl ... perfectly mediocre, as per Jon's standards.

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Unless Jon and Kate Gosselin are OFFICIALLY divorced, a woman, whether single, married and/or with a child/children, should know better, ethically than to allow herself to get involved with a man who's married....STILL. As for Jon, if a man is unfaithful to his spouse, he'll be UNfaithful to the person he cheats with so there's Haley and now there's Stephanie who has a child...of her own. I guess Jon's forgotten, conveniently that he has EIGHT children and there are SO many Hollwood actors who ended up 'sleeeping' (having it what it is!) with their nannies. I can think of two right now, one a comedian, the other a British actor. involved with their nannies, WHILE being married. If these men are SO UNhappy with their marriages, either get a divorce or.....get counselling.

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