Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pic
Stephanie Pratt looks pretty good in a bikini. Would you hit it?

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that is so hot....hahahahahahahaha.........stephine RULES......HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..........hihihihihihihihi...........


i like that

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Stephanie Pratt Quotes

[on Stephanie hanging out with Lauren Conrad]
Spencer Pratt: Don't you have any sense of family loyalty?
Stephanie Pratt: I can't believe how hypocritical you are - you who became best friends with my ex-boyfriend in high school even though I hated him!
Spencer Pratt: [looooooong pause] He wasn't your boyfriend, I hate to break it to you. He was your semi-formal date. You can call it what you want.

Stephanie Pratt: [crying] You're making me feel so guilty.
Spencer Pratt: No, you're making YOURSELF feel guilty. Thinking about what YOU did.