Trista Sutter is on the cover of Us Weekly. She's psyched about her new diet.
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Trista Sutter (formerly Trista Rehn) and hubby Ryan Sutter are now parents of two beautiful children. We are so happy for them.
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Trista Sutter of The Bachelorette fame after plastic surgery. She looks great.
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Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter are considering a return to reality TV. We can only hope they go through with it.
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Trista Sutter of The Bachelorette fame hangs with husband Ryan and son Max. So cute.
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Trista Sutter looks great, doesn't she? Who says you can't shed baby weight if you really put your mind - and body - to it?
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Ryan Sutter and Trista Sutter of The Bachelor fame are a hot young couple - and the only happy one to ever result from that series.
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Trista Sutter was the original Bachelorette, and the only one so far from The Bachelor OR the Bachelorette to find lasting love on the show. That's right, 1-for-17. But hey, she's a good one!
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Trista Sutter Biography

Trista Sutter, Adorable Baby
The former Trista Rehn. Now known as Trista Sutter. Married to Ryan Sutter, who she chose on The Bachelorette. Mother to Max. She's hot.... More »
Indianapolis, Indiana
Full Name
Trista Nicole Sutter (née Rehn)