Tracy Cyrus isn't just Miley's brother. He's also Brenda Song's fiance!
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Trace Cyrus is the older brother of Miley Cyrus. He leads the obscure band Metro Station.
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Billy Ray Cyrus adopted Trace Cyrus many years ago. His birth mom is Billy Ray's wife. Everyone follow that? Cool. Here they are with the whole clan.
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It looks like Trace Cyrus has moved on from Demi Lovato. He's been spotted out with this random brunette.
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Trace Cyrus is no longer dating Demi Lovato. We think she's much better off this way.
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Trace Cyrus is the brother of Miley Cyrus. As you can pretty much tell, he sings in a rock band.
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Is Brenda Song pregnant? She is strolling through the mall here with Trace Cyrus, the alleged father of her unborn child.
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Trace Cyrus hates The Jonas Brothers. He thinks the group is Disney-manufactured and totally "fake." Trace is Miles' bro.
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Trace Cyrus Biography

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Trace Cyrus is the older brother of Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus. He's a guitarist and a singer for the band Metro Station and owns a... More »
Ashland, Kentucky
Full Name
Trace Cyrus