Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo attend Game One of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Lakers prevailed.
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Tony Romo may be banged up and winless in the playoffs, but he's still got Jessica Simpson to pay attention to him.
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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson at the airport after spending New Year's Eve in Miami.
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Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo on the cover of Us Weekly in June 2008. What a scandalous turn of events ... or something. Joe Simpson? Romo's not a fan.
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Jessica Simpson struts through the airport begging people to take pics of her with Tony Romo.
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Tony Romo is coming under a lot of fire for failing in the clutch. Should he continue to start for the Cowboys?
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Seriously, these two are looking like they're having a frickin' blast. Woo hoo, guys, try not to party too hard you pass out in public.
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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson used to paw each other. Now she's pawing at the bottom of the career barrel. Whatever that means.
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a star. On and off the field. He has led the team to zero career playoff wins, but hey, guy dates Jessica Simpson, so he does have one "trophy" to show for himself.
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Tony Romo and Candice Crawford at the White House Correspondents' dinner 2012. She had a baby like last month! Amazing.
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