Tony Parker is a baller. He's calling out Chris Brown for bein' a thug.
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Tony Parker got in some hot water for making the "Quenelle" gesture in this old photo. It's considered by many to be a Nazi salute.
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Axelle Francine is Tony Parker's fiancee. She's hot. Big surprise right there.
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There's a good reason why Tony Parker is smiling in this photo. Her name is Eva Longoria and she's standing next to her husband.
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Happy 28th birthday, Tony Parker! The All-Star guard was the center of attention in Vegas, at a party thrown for him by Eva Longoria.
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Tony Parker is a lucky man. He's married to Eva Longoria and his wife threw him a major 28th birthday party in Las Vegas.
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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker seemed like a match made in Hollywood heaven. But it didn't turn out that way.
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Tim Duncan and Tony Parker on Halloween, holding fake guns to a faux NBA ref Joey Crawford.
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Tony Parker is a French-born NBA star who plays point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, and who has led them to several championships. But... More »
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