HA! Tom Cruise and James Corden recreate an iconic film scene starring the former in this Late Late Show photo.
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A nude photo of Tom Cruise was erected to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his involvement in the Church of Scientology. Yeah, we don't get it, either.
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Tom Cruise and James Corden hang on for dear life in this recreation of a Mission Impossible scene.
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Tom Cruise's kids with Nicole Kidman. Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise are both adopted.
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Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise sure make a sweet pair. Father and daughter combo of the year - every year! Woohoo!
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Tom Cruise is on the cover of Details magazine, due out December 2. The man knows how to get movies made. And to jump on sofas.
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That's what we are. We love Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Frankly, people, how can you not?
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Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer on the set of the Today show. Things were a lot more civil this time than three years ago, when Tom got bent out of shape at Matty.
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Tom Cruise is mobbed by fans as he arrives for an interview on the Today show in New York in December 2008.
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A Tom Cruise fan gets her photo taken with the celebrity. Lucky.
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Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer return to the scene of their infamous interview three years ago on the Today Show.
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A handsome one, at that! My goodness, what a hunk. A little batty, but hey, who isn't?!
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Tom Cruise Biography

Suri's First Crap
What's not to love about Tom Cruise? Well, potentially a lot of things. But all in all, he's a quality actor with dozens of good films on... More »
Syracuse, New York
Full Name
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Tom Cruise Quotes

I was feeling pressed in the interview with Matt Lauer. For me, my issue was really about child drugging. It's not like it is today, like people are really kind of openly talking about this.

Tom Cruise [on Matt Lauer interview]

I can't even articulate it, to be honest. That feeling, that connection. Just who she is and what she means to me.

Tom Cruise [on feelings for Katie Holmes]