Tina Fey suffers a brief but obvious nipple slip that we have covered up here. Long live the 2013 Emmy Awards.
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Tina Fey at the Oscars. Hard to compare anyone to her.
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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting the 2013 Golden Globes. Together! We'll be tuning in.
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It may just be the angle of this photo, but Tina Fey looks like a giant compared to her husband. They're seen here at the premiere of Date Night.
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Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond on SNL as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. What a hilarious couple of people.
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Tina Fey is the best. We love her so much ... that dress, though? A little questionable.
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Tina Fey poses here on the red carpet of the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special. We love her.
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Tina Fey is more than just a funny woman. She's also a mother, and announced her second pregnancy in April 2011.
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Tina Fey Biography

Tina Fey in Vanity Fair Tina Fey is a funny, funny lady. She is known best for three things: Hilarious 30 Rock quotes Being the head writer of Saturday Night... More »
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Full Name
Elizabeth Stamatina Fey